Coming Soon

What’s next for author Randy D Pearson? I’m glad you asked!

Trac Brothers – action/adventure novel with humorous elements – Coming in February, 2018

From the back cover:

Jam and Jax Trachsel inherit an unexpected item from their recently departed uncle Mac– a fully-functioning Kalamazoo-brand handcar from the 19th century. When they become stranded over 150 miles from home, do they set it on the train tracks and pump it all the way home? Or, when they find a hand-drawn map their uncle created, do they follow it even further north to the long lost town of Walton Junction?

Their journey through Michigan’s scenic Lower Peninsula will introduce them to a world they never imagined, changing lives forever. Can they trust the Rail Riders, the bizarre but friendly group of people living off the grid? Or will the Track Pirates, a ruthless gang led by the insane Santascoy, cause their demise?

What starts out as a thrilling adventure quickly becomes a battle for survival. Wish the Trac Brothers luck … they’ll need it!

Vacation From RealityNovel – Release Date TBD

Epic Sci-Fi adventure with plenty of humor, aliens, and the Prijatel … what IS a Prijatel?

Unnamed ‘Psychic Phil’ Novel – Release Date TBD

If you enjoyed the last 50 or so pages of Tell Me a Story, featuring three stories about “Psychic Buddy” Phillip Hammel, his first stand-alone novel will thrill you to no end!

Trac Brothers 2 – Santascoy’s Revenge  … the sequel is already in progress!

Oh, and have ya heard… there’s talk that Driving Crazy will become a movie! This hilarious novel has piqued the interest of a movie production studio on the west side of Michigan. More details as they become available.

Others? You betcha!

Stay tuned!