Coming Soon

What’s next for Randy D Pearson? I’m glad you asked!

Trac Brothers – Novel – Coming by the end of 2016

Not much is known about this top-secret story, other than it will be unique and exciting. No promises, but I have a feeling this ground-breaking novel will see the light of day in 2016.

Vacation From RealityNovel – Release Date TBD

Epic Sci-Fi adventure with plenty of humor, aliens, and the Prijatel … what IS a Prijatel?

Unnamed ‘Psychic Phil’ Novel – Release Date TBD

If you enjoyed the last 50 or so pages of Tell Me a Story, featuring three stories about “Psychic Buddy” Phillip Hammel, his first stand-alone novel will thrill you to no end!

Others? You betcha!

Stay tuned!